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Backing up your files is probably the most important thing to do regularly, regardless of whether you are running a small office or just keeping track of your personal stuff. Having lost all my data in my Windows XP computer back in 2005, I know the pain of losing all my documents and photos. In this article, I will be showing you the best free backup computer software I use and recommend.

While many companies just choose to use RAID hard drives for backup, which basically means that they don't have to worry about backup software program at all because their data is automatically copied 1, 2, 3 or even more times into their hard drives. However, for consumers with a smaller budget, that probably isn't the way to go unless you have a hoard of illegally downloaded videos in your computer and you are running out of space. Then again, you most probably won't need to worry about losing your videos. (Note: Due to the nature of on the net backup, I will not be talking about video backup.

Antivirus Application for PC Security

The boom of the computer software industry also marks the first attempt of notorious people to hack into the private information of the unwary users. Viruses and malwares infect millions of computers all over the world. They attack swiftly that you can't easily tell whether your computers are infected or not. Because of this, the need for effective antivirus has risen. Amazingly, these antiviruses really help a lot when it comes to protecting your personal information and your PC.

Install an antivirus compatible with the PC's software

The thought of having the best antivirus installed in your PC or laptop eases your mind from worries. Many antiviruses have been developed through the years, one being more powerful than its predecessors. However, this application won't work properly when not used in proper operating systems.

The range of antiviruses varies from free ones to paid ones. If you are a home user, you might as well opt for the free ones since they provide almost the same functionalities as the paid ones. Paid ones are good for companies who want total protection on the files that they have. There are many sites that offer free and reliable antivirus such as Avira Antivirus and AVG Free antivirus.

Benefits obtained from an Antivirus Software

Here are some benefits that you'd get when you have installed antivirus on your PC:

1 - When you are on line and browsing or checking your email, the antivirus software program becomes more active. They are tasked to perform checks on incoming and outgoing information from and to the internet, especially threats from email attachments. Some antivirus integrate their system to the web browsers to make sure that you are protected whenever you're on the web.

2 - A full-fledged antivirus gives a strong protection from known malicious software such as Trojans, keyloggers, adwares, rootkits, worms and viruses. You can also adjust the sensitivity of some antiviruses to perform a thorough scan of your system.

3 - Phishing is one of the known modus operandi in the internet. It has become widespread that it is one to look out for. But with an antivirus software installed in your PC, you are safe from phishing. As said earlier, it integrates itself with the web browser and provides a link scanner. However, with this protection, you should still be aware of the 'think before you click' campaign.

4 - A hacker's goal is to breach your system's security and access the files that they deem necessary for their benefit. Blocking this access from personal information is the job of the antivirus and you should find one that is capable of doing it.

5 - Whatever attack the computer may have, from spam emails to Trojans, you are ensured to have a frontline of protection.

HDD mechanic

HDD Regenerator and other software package like it, often being misunderstood of its mechanics and possibilities probably because of a lack of understanding the concept of how the software package works, and what exactly does it do. Some think that there are application products working many times faster, then HDD Regenerator. Even if there was such thing, please keep in mind that test level and results would be completely different. Same picture with HDD format: When running a quick format, you are not actually formatting the disk.

Quick formatting only means rebuilding file table. Actual formatting is a process of magnetization all clusters to 1. So faster does not mean more effective. HDD Regenerator also has quick scan option but you may actually end up worsening the situation in order to save time. People working with sensitive information should in fact take advantage of HDD Regenerator and run it periodically rather then, waiting for HDD to fail.

Some think HDD Regenerator marks bad sectors as good, reads data out of it and writes it back and if the writing back fails then it's a totally bad sector. This isn't true; what actually happens is HDD Regenerator is strengthening HDD magnetic surface by reading and writing repeatedly. But sure, if it isn't possible to write in certain magnetic field at all, sector cannot be repaired. There are lot of other rumors and misleading analysis such as this.

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