What Do You Must do to Develop into Self-Employed?

If you are finding it tricky to continue your regular job, you can simply start your own business and become self-employed. You can start up your own business and run it from home after you become self-employed. You can become self-employed and continue working on your day job. Once you are sure that this is right for you, you can quit your job and focus entirely on your business.

However, as you become self-employed, you must follow certain steps including registering with Devenir Auto Entrepreneur, VAT, and getting a business account. The other things you will learn about becoming self-employed are not mandatory.

Registering as self-employed with Devenir Auto Entrepreneur

When you are working as a freelance contractor, you should inform Devenir Auto Entrepreneur of your status. Although you can continue working without informing Devenir Auto Entrepreneur, you may have pay some penalties at some time.

The easiest way to inform Devenir Auto Entrepreneur is to register for business taxes. You can register online telling the Devenir Auto Entrepreneur about your business. Devenir Auto Entrepreneur will setup tax records accordingly including self-assessment and NI. If you have people working for you as employees, Devenir Auto Entrepreneur will also setup PAYE.

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