GWC Valves Understands Customer Relationship Management for Clients in the Oil & Gas Sector

GWC Valves International understands the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Selling valve and flow control products to countries worldwide, and to clients in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Chemical sectors, we have a lot of information to keep track of!

CRM is the practices and software that allows companies to manage customer interactions and track them throughout the customer lifecycle., Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle are the most well-known providers of CRM software. Their clients include several multinational corporations.

Proper use of CRM assists GWC Valves staff with limited time and finite budgets. It is used for marketing automation, sales force automation, contact center automation, and some location-based services.

For instance, applied in a customer contact center helps the agents staffing these centers. It saves time, allowing agents to focus on the most important aspects of their jobs. CRM tools do this by using software applications to assist with customer phone requests. This cuts down on the times of individual calls and simplifies the customer service experience for our clients and staff members.

Here at GWC Valves International, each sector we serve has specific business needs. That’s why we use CRM to assist customers who depend on GWC Valves’ quality products to get their jobs done.

For clients in the Oil & Gas sector we keep track of their purchases. If a client has purchased one of our Cryogenic Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves that operate at temperatures down to minus 196 degrees Celsius, we know they’re operating in cold weather environments. A GWC staff member will make note of this in the company’s CRM program.

If one of our clients has a piece of GWC equipment break down on the field, we are able to quickly replace it. The custom CRM software used by GWC Valves tracks customer purchases and keeps all client Invoices in a centralized system so we know what products were ordered, by whom, and when.

Companies in the Oil & Gas sector work with highly flammable chemicals being pumped at high pressures through large systems. That’s why they depend on GWC Valves to provide them with valve and flow control products that can operate on the world’s toughest job sites, and in the most demanding climates.

GWC Valves International’s global clients depend on quality products to get the job done - and we provide those products.

Thanks to the company’s customized CRM program we are able to track all our customer interactions and respond in an intelligent way. CRM tools are the perfect way for medium and large sized firms to keep track of information in the digital age, when companies are being bombarded by so much information that it can be overwhelming. The company intends on continuing to grow in CRM just as quickly as the company itself.

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