Hcg Injections

HCG is certainly not a miracle drug as there is no such thing, however thousands of users have shown that when combined with a healthy diet, HCG can offer excellent results, without the need for strict dieting or exercise. What HCG does is tricks your body into burning off your fat reserves, instead of burning muscle, thus reducing your bodyfat.


Hcg Injections or drops?

Simply put, we recommend the injections as they are more effective and provide quicker results. However, the injections may not suit everybody as they require you to keep sterile needles, and some people simply dont like injections. Drops offer a good alternative, but are nowhere near as effective when it comes to weight loss, as the HcG is not absorbed directly into your body, and higher dosages are required.

Eating while on HcG

With HCG it is important to stick to a well balanced diet, as this will allow you to achieve the best results, however this should be easy as there are plenty of resources online to assist you in your meal planning, offering healthy meals that are also tasty and filling.

When you have decided that every other diet plan has not worked for you, then you must give the hcg diet plan a chance. This diet plan has been proven to be successful and has been used by many in order to help them shed the weight rather quickly. The diet plan is going to require a good amount of patience as you need to start with 8 weeks of 500 calories in order to lose weight.

When you decide on the use of the hcg injections, you will typically get a 30 day supply of the injections along with the supplies that you need to administer the injections. With that will come a hcg booklet with information in it about what you can and cannot have while on the hcg diet plan. There will be a need to weigh yourself weekly to make sure that you are on the right track. Even though you are on the injections, you will still need to maintain the 500 calories per day.

When you decide to use the hcg drops, your options are a bit more specific as you will add the hcg drops to your beverage choice. You can have coffee, tea and water in excess and therefore can add your drops to your beverage throughout the day. They are a bit more discreet than the pill since you can easily open it up and add the drops and slide it back into your purse. There is no need to carry a pill bottle around with you.

If you want to use the injections, the hcg injections will be used daily and placed into your hip muscle. The hip is the best area to do because there is more fat and muscle there and it also allows for the hcg to enter into the body quickly and easily as compared to other methods.

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