Framed Butterflies - Most Beautiful Displays

Butterflies are some of the most stunning insects on this planet and they are located in amazing colors, patterns, and sizes around the globe. There are approximately 20,000 species of butterflies on the planet, and the beautiful creatures happen to be utilised in art and symbolism, including Egyptian hieroglyphics 3500 a long time ago, in several cultures. Probably the most popular uses of butterflies is in framed art, and also this article discusses the alternatives available for these artistic depictions.


You'll find basically three options of framed butterflies and displays:

1. Riker Mount - Like this enables the butterflies to be gently placed contrary to the glass using cotton filled cardboard frames designed with a glass top. This mounting application is not sealed so that the frame could be opened and the butterfly could be repositioned or removed. The butterflies will continue to be beautiful for many years; however, to ensure this, they must be kept out of direct sunlight. With the Riker kind of mounting, ordinarily a sawtooth hanger is on the back of the frame in order to display this beautiful creature on a wall. Multiple butterflies can also be displayed in one frame if desired, but typically only one is displayed per frame for everybody to admire its individual beauty. Various wooden or metal frames works extremely well with the Riker mounted display component. Insect Display Frame

2. Styrene Cases - Styrene is a plastic case when the butterfly is mounted on a tiny, almost-invisible rod that is angled to depict the insect during flight. The instances are sealed and airtight, as well as either side in the case are clear, the butterfly can be seen from both planes. These styrene cases are created which has a black foundation letting them be displayed on any flat working surface.

3. Airtight Acrylic - This technique allows the butterfly to be encased in clear, three-dimensional cases, that have an incredibly fashionable look. Like the styrene cases, these butterflies are mounted on a thin, transparent rod, and positioned for a more natural look of the insect. These cases may be placed on a flat workiing surace, or can hang on a wall. Multiple butterflies may be used during these acrylic containers, and that does lower the cost per butterfly due to the work load required for this type of screen.


If your butterflies are received for mounting, they are often dried as well as their wings are closed. They are hydrated carefully, which allow the designers to cautiously spread the wings so they really are as symmetrical as possible. Generally, it is preferable for a small even gap to be shown between the lower and upper wings.

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