The NFL has been the hot start the new season

The NFL has been the hot start the new season, which team do you like? Which player do you like better? Let's cheer for them! Victory will belong to those who love sports.

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Super bowl distance is very far away, look at the super bowl, from the first super bowl to this year's 50th, let us remember those classic moments, salute legend. Not only is the NFL, let us together look forward to.

The first week of the league of American league player

Tennessee titans rookie quarterback Marcus - Mario tower (Marcus Mariota) originally seen as draft high consolation prize this year. It was assumed that he just couldn't used in the player, and led a team strength is not enough to overcome in the season opener by draft quarterback jamie - Winston (Jameis Winston) led the attack of the Tampa bay buccaneers group.

But the coming weeks we are still talking about 16 times in the season opener passes Mario tower 13 success with four touchdowns and perfect 158.3 quarterback scores. Titan with 42-14 against pirates, and Mario tower over some seasoned veteran earned for al attacking players of the week.

Al defensive player of the week: Denver broncos base cloth - o Angle guard tower cloth (Aqib Talib), mustang needs all the help they can get on the defensive end to win over Baltimore ravens in the first week, get a exciting atypical victory. Three tackled and one stolen back to attack touchdown tower is one of the important members of the defense, he eventually prove that when the horse quarterback Peyton Manning - (Peyton Manning) poor performance when he is able to change the situation.

Al wickedly player of the week: Miami dolphins play/abandon kicking back to attack Jarvis - Landry (Jarvis Landry), similar to mustang, dolphins in the 17th - 10 victory over Washington red one did not play the expected performance, but they got the Landry excellent performance with the help of the secret service group. His 69 yards away to kick back against touchdown eventually prove crucial for dolphins.

Offensive player of the week of the league of nations: the Atlanta falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones), Jones in a victory over the Philadelphia eagles Monday night game play is very good, complete nine ball 141 yards two touchdowns. Jones in the horn and the eagle head guard baron Maxwell in para (Byron Maxwell) is particularly strong.

Defensive player of the week of the league of nations: st. Louis RAMS defense cut front aron - Donald (Donald), Donald is clearly a beast, only in this way can we make the performance of a defensive feng won defensive player of the week award. Play in ram defensive line unmatched in the face of the Seattle airport, their performance is included in the airport in attempts to storm the four files in the middle block airport power running back Ma Xiaoen Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Donald has nine times the game tackled and the two escape.

The league of nations wickedly player of the week: st. Louis RAMS to refuse to play/kicking back against Thai - Austin (Tavon Austin), see the most explosive players in the 2013 NBA draft finally got the proper use of ram excitement letting a person. Austin, in the first week offers excellent performance in the competition, including 75 yards back to attack touchdown and 16 yards rushing touchdown, it's enough to make him get week best award.