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On the web Transcription for only $0.75/minute: How Transcriptions Should Be

What We Offer

· Fast and Quality On line Transcription- You want fast, better, and accurate because these are what make transcripts results-generating, powerful, and productive. At Hourtrans, we dynamically enhance our modern tools and cutting-edge technology to build on the web transcription solutions that are unrivaled in the on the web market in terms of efficiency and superior quality.

· Rate at $0.75/min- Whether you’re in the music industry, the academe, research institutions, schools, or just living the plain old student life, you may find yourself needing a transcriber for your video, audio and other recordings. We’ll transcribe your material, and make it readable for everyone who can access it in the unique format you need. This is the kind of help we offer at the cheapest on the net rate today of $0.75 per minute. How’s that for a cost-effective offer?

· Absolutely free Quote & Totally free Trial- Simply complete our free quote request form, or upload your files to receive our risk-free price evaluation. For new clients, request for our no cost trial totally free of charge now. Test drive our service to believe!

· 98% Accuracy Guarantee- When looking for an on line transcription solution, you should never compromise quality for cost.At Hourtrans, our promise to deliver 98% guarantee of accuracy is not just sales pitch, but a powerful utility that will make both your business and ours flourish more. Our prolific team of driven and extra qualified transcribers deliver good to earn your solid trust. This is our constant aim.

· Discounts & Offers- We reward loyalty and support. Get one-time, lifetime, bulk, referral, second purchase, seasonal discounts, and a whole bunch of offers that will leave you wanting more of our solutions every day, if you need to.

· Rush & Super RushTurnaround Services- Data is empowering, powerful, and transformative. Get all your crucial data swiftly through our urgent delivery options. You need the right people to help you transcribe your data in the most efficient way possible, and this is what we are here to offer. Enjoy express on-time deliveries of transcripts straight to your email or standard mail .

On line Transcription Solutions: How We Can Make Your Business Grow

· Bulk online transcription orders- Your business may be the type that needs bulk data processing, or may come to a point where transcription will be needed in very high volumes at fast turnaround. We have the ability to cater to all those needs, and will provide you a discounted special rate so it won’t be a burden on your pocket.

· 100+ Languages for On line Transcription or

Online transcription

issues should not hinder your business from accessing to global markets. This is Hourtrans delivers a myriad of language choices for you. Should you need a foreign major or local language to widen your reach overseas or across continents, we are available to serve. Simply call our toll-free hotlines, or chat with us live.

· Complete confidentiality- Your information is of essential priority to us. We cannot afford to lose your trust. We will never consign your information to malicious hands, or the insecure internet world. We’ve established ironclad non-disclosure agreements for all our on line transcription genres including on line legal transcription, on line audio transcription, and on-line video transcription. Enjoy 100% protection all day, all night.

· The very best among on-line transcription companies- The better your transcribers, proofreaders, and staff, the more accurate and tip-top quality your transcripts will be. We offer you a huge network of the most talented and experienced on the web transcription team today.Get the most effective on the net transcription without fail, only from Hourtrans!

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