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The outstanding savings provided by light folding electric wheelchairs

The first records of wheelchairs used in daily life originates from China almost 4000 years back and since then this design has not changed much.

Millions of people are confined to wheelchairs around the globe, and then for most of them the work of pushing themselves around manually is really physically demanding, may it be for your mobility impaired and for their caregivers.

In the past Half a century the appearance with the electric wheelchair has produced a huge difference to the lives of many who're mobility impaired. However, these heavy motorized wheel chairs were primarily manufactured for indoor use. see more

The task of helping individuals with these heavy electric wheelchairs traveling and access the community has become extremely tough and intensely expensive. Typically it could require specially customised vehicles including wheelchair vans, and the would need to be outfitted with special wheelchair hoists and ramps.

Due to the coming of the smartphone and tablets, massive technological gains were made within the output of lithium iron batteries. These batteries are a quarter from the size of the old lead acid batteries or gel batteries which were useful for powering the old-style heavy electric wheel chair.

It is mostly because of the new technological know-how during these lightweight but extremely effective lithium iron batteries that some innovative manufacturers have come on top of extremely portable lightweight folding electric wheelchairs.

The Portashopper was one of the 1st to pioneer this new field and now have extended their range to 4 models, each centered on different segments from the demographic, whether it be children or small adults, larger adults or those who want to be as mobile outdoors as indoors.

These lightweight folding motorized wheel chairs literally fold within minutes and therefore are operated by lightweight lithium iron batteries that supply these incredibly innovative wheelchairs having a selection of about 10 miles per charge.

Weighing in at only 20 kg or about 50lb these technological marvels can be easily lifted into a car by any healthy teenager or adult, and further to that, Portashopper has also patented the big easy kit which allows the wheelchair to easily be divided into three easy to lift parts, the heaviest of which is the frame at only 12 kg or 26lb.

Suddenly, it will be possible for those who are suffering from a few other mobility impairment to just about completely forget that they are suffering from this handicap. These lightweight wheelchairs are designed for traversing light outdoor terrain as well as indoor terrain and gives incredible manoeuvrability and suppleness.

However, it's for travelling that these wheelchairs really shine. Firstly they've got flight friendly lithium iron batteries that can be taken on any aeroplane. The same goes for cruise ship holidays which typically need a wheelchair having a small footprint and high manoeuvrability for getting around within the small passageways and aisles.

Another great innovation has become the Portawheel or perhaps the wheelchair power assist add-on consisting of a brushless electric motor that attaches towards the front in the wheelchair by ways of specially engineered tow bars and tow hooks. These new electric gadgets provide you with the manual wheelchair incredible benefits in as much as using a fantastic range of about 60 km per charge. Further to that they may be competent at traversing even the roughest outdoor terrain .

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In reality, the Portawheel turns an ordinary manual wheelchair to the most flexible and versatile mobility scooter one can get. The passenger also does not lose his handicap status when travelling and isn't charged from the airlines for the extra equipment. This is as opposed to small mobility scooters which can be regarded as a nice to get rather than an important item.