Many critics criticize this game series, because it's mainly an admirer type game.

As an effect these times the developers made certain there's no option of it and the game is developed in much more of arena style place so the gamers can enjoy it more. For changes you would be really happy to know now online co-op will support 4 players immediately. Now tell me is it cool or not? Not only will that 2 players be able to play as a team up now in online mode, this would make the game play more tremendous at the same time. This changes came in a way so people can take advantage of playing this and the game itself can be realistic. Also, there is certainly one other thing that I just now can’t forget post, and that’s tactical mode. This could conserve the partner to see what his/her partner is seeing. This is able to help them to coordinating attack in additional planned way. Look At Here Technology

All these items are carried out because the developers want the overall game to become played multiple times by the gamers to live the experience again and again. If gamers will love the experience they are getting at one point, then they would play it over and over. That’s the primary motto here and we do hope the developers were able to do it perfectly.

Look At Here Technology

In fact from our past experience of playing the action, we expect that these things were executed perfectly. Because what they are saying should they had the ability to undertake it, then Man, this is gonna be epic.

If you've got friends together with you desire to play this game, but do not want to start playing from the start, then still this could be achievable here. You now may ask, though the partner will be under power. Well I have a news for you here, you can share your power together with your partner. This way your lover might have some special power also and could have gears for him to use. Is the fact that great what? Another news is, for the first time in history choosing capable of choose if you want to play as a male or female. This is the first time the developers are doing. This is done because of the complaints they received. There are lots of female games who play this game around the globe and they filed lots of complaints as the game is mainly done on males. So now the developers heard their call after thinking a lot, they have solve this and given the gender a preference in this game. So can you see all these changes now? I bet you did not expect all these things, but it is happening.

Also, we have confirmed that, there will be safe house in the play this time. With the use of safe house you can save your game, can change your weapons or any situation that may be possible. For the reason that bunker even it is possible to rest to heal any of your wounds. In a word, the more days are going by, new news are coming along. It is impossible to keep up with this. We gamers who love this series, cannot wait till farmville is going and now we start playing it, only then our thirst for this game will end.